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8 Powerful Tips to Help You With Organizing Your Business

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8 Powerful Tips to Help You With Organizing Your Business

8 Powerful Tips to Help You With Organizing Your Business

Is your business set up for maximum productivity and free of anything that could cause you stress or anxiety? If you can honestly answer yes, then this article isn’t for you. However, if you’re answer is no, that’s okay. There are plenty of things you can do to help organize your business for success.

Disorganization eats away at you, slows down your focus, and is harmful to your business growth. Reviewing your processes as your business grows is key to making sure you’re optimized. If you want to learn some key elements of organization to help your business succeed, we’ve got you covered.

How Organization Affects Businesses

Stacks of papers piled up in the corner. Desks that can barely be seen because of the clutter. A computer desktop with hundreds of shortcuts that you can’t possibly know what they’re all for.

If that sounds like your office then you might be well overdue for some change. It doesn’t take long for things to start getting messy and out of control. Putting it off is easy because it can be hard to know where to start but it’s holding you back. It’s weighing on your mind and it’s affecting how you work even if you don’t realize it.

An organized office is more efficient. Time is wasted sorting through email and documents that are poorly sorted. You can completely cut unnecessary tasks that slow down team productivity. Better organization helps to save every business time and money. Your bottom line will thank you.

How to Organize Your Business

How to Organize Your Business

Clean Desk Policy

Desk clutter is something that plagues most offices. Many employees have a variety of tasks and when they move on to something new, things start to build up. Bosses can put in place a clean desk policy that requires staff to clear up their desks before the end of the day.

Some companies now rely on hot desking instead of giving employees an assigned desk. Hot desking means employees can sit anywhere within an office. It can be particularly useful when employees are working together on projects.

Clean Desktop

More important than desks these days is the desktop on your computer. Files need to be well organized and in locations that make sense. Cut down how long your staff spends looking for things by naming folders and files in a way that makes them easy to navigate.

Pin only necessary shortcuts to the desktop and delete anything that’s not relevant. Make sure that business workflows are easily accessible and new employees are shown how to navigate company systems.

Automate Processes

Automation is a business’s best friend and learning how to effectively automate things is going to make a big difference. Do you ever come into work and feel overwhelmed by the size of your inbox?

Use automation to sort and organize your incoming mail ready for when you start. Schedule your social media posts in advance to save resources and energy throughout the day. Automating your processes can free up time and save money in the long run.

Digitize Files

Digitize Files

Paper documents take up a lot of space and it takes more time to sort through them. Start digitizing all your paperwork so the hard copies can be destroyed. Depending on the amount of paperwork you have this can free up a lot of new space. Another benefit of having digital files is that they are more accessible for staff to search for.

Office Decor

What you do with your office space is very important for business organization and efficiency. Consider investing in organizational equipment like in/out trays, drawers for desks, monitor stands, desk divider screens, and a stationary cupboard.

If your business needs hard copies of things then you should create a proper storage space for these documents. Plants have been proven to increase concentration by around 15%, so it’s worth investing in some foliage for your office.

Business Templates

Create templates wherever possible for your business that can be used to speed things up in the future. Let’s take marketing as an example. If you have a newsletter that needs to be released weekly, by using a template your team can mock one up quickly. You only need to create one template and it can be reused time and again.

Templates help to ensure continuity among your staff. Make sure the blank copy can be easily located and is accessible for all staff who need to use it.

Accessible Systems

Flexibility is a very sought-after benefit that employees are looking for. Bosses who can offer flexible working are more likely to attract top talent. Start building your systems to be accessible from anywhere. Remote access helps to future-proof your business. If your employees can’t come into the office, they can still work.

Review Your Processes

As your business grows your processes will need to change. A small business that has 5 employees in one room doesn’t need to implement hot desking. But when you’re business expands and you have 50 employees across one floor, hot desking might be more beneficial.

Don’t get stuck in your ways. Change is good and will be a necessity to make the most out of your growth. If your processes don’t change then you could be holding yourself and your staff back. A good rule of thumb is to review your processes every year to make sure you’re organizing your business effectively.


Businesses of all sizes can enjoy better organization. From a freelancer who works by themselves to an enterprise with thousands of employees. How well you’re organized can have a massive effect on your efficiency.

Don’t let your business growth be derailed by disorganization. Put in place the tips we’ve discussed today for a more efficient workspace. Create your processes with one eye on the future. What can you do today that will help you tomorrow? The organization of your business will help you stay successful.

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