Collaboration Is A Snap With Chat

Easily brainstorm, problem-solve, and innovate with instant messaging.



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Boost Team Efficiency With Real-Time Chat

Teamly chat keeps remote teams moving along at a brisk (productive) pace, because …

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Teams get more done with chat.

People can typically take hours (or even days) to respond to email, whereas chat lets you get quick responses to pressing questions fast … so work doesn’t grind to a halt.

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Chat improves performance.

Chat helps teams work better together by fueling collaboration … and companies that promote collaboration are a whopping 5X more likely to be high performers.

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Nothing beats chat for convenience.

Chat keeps things quick and easy. Rather than drowning in emails, everyone on the team can conveniently access communications on one super-secure platform.

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Chat improves onboarding.

Team chats are easy for new hires to review, so they can quickly get up-to-speed on key decisions, prior announcements, and important project details.

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Collaborating is easy with chat.

Unlike inefficient, never-ending email chains, chat makes it super-simple for remote team members to work together collaboratively, so they can quickly and easily resolve issues.

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Chat keeps everyone in the loop.

Team members can accidentally be left off important emails. Chat prevents information silos … so everyone who needs to know what’s going on does know.

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Teams save time with chat.

It takes way more time to type a formal email than it does to send a quick message over chat … which is just one reason many workers report that chat saves them time.

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Effortlessly Organize All Your Communications

Departments are Teamly’s private virtual chat rooms, where team members can gather together to collaborate around a “virtual water cooler.”

Keep chats neatly organized by creating Departments for teams, projects, or any topic you like … so related messages, videos, and team files are conveniently stored together in one central repository.

Make chats public or private by choosing who to invite. You can even create Departments for external partners and limit access … so they can only view and participate in the chats that are relevant to them.

Enjoy sidebar conversations with threads. Threads open a sidebar on the right side of the screen, so team members can discuss topics in greater detail … while keeping Department chats free from clutter.

Directly message an employee or group of employees to have confidential conversations. If you want, you can even pin important files to your private chat, so they’re readily accessible to the group.

Easily View & Discuss Team Tasks … Right in Chat!

With Teamly, it’s a breeze to view Task specifics … without the hassle of navigating back-and-forth between chat and Board views.

Insert Tasks directly into messages, no copying URLs or navigating to different screens required. Simply drag-and-drop Tasks right into your messages … so you can easily discuss work in progress.

View important Task details -- right from chat. Just click on a Task to view a team member’s comments and the latest activity … so you always know exactly what’s going on with the work you’ve assigned.

Find Tasks at the click of a button, optionally filtering them by assignee, priority, date added, or due date … so you can easily view Tasks that meet your specific criteria without leaving chat.

Get Task notifications in chat using Teamly’s easy-to-use automation builder … so team members know when a Task is finished, moved from one column to another, or reassigned to someone else.

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Make the Meaning of Your Messages … Unmistakable

Words alone aren’t always enough to get your point across … fortunately, Teamly’s advanced messaging options make it easy to explain what you mean.

Make audio or screen recordings with just the click of a button, right from the chat screen. Use recordings to explain a work assignment, give design feedback, answer a question, describe a problem, or more.

Add a screenshot to your message, so you can show someone exactly what you’re looking at. Wanna be really clear? Use Teamly’s image annotation tools to add an arrow, color, or text to your screenshot.

Attach external files of any size to your messages. Your files will be accessible from chat and added to your team files in Teamly’s secure cloud. Or, if you want, send files privately in a direct message.

Add emojis to your messages to help foster team camaraderie, while quickly and easily communicating important stuff like, “Job well done!” “I read this,” “Congratulations!” or “I’m on board.”

Expertly Manage Remote Team Members

At the click of a button, Teamly provides you with an information-packed overview of team members’ latest activities … so you can maintain better oversight of workers at a distance.

Track team members’ progress by viewing their assigned Tasks, as well as the status, comments, and activities of those Tasks … so you have a bird’s-eye view of how someone’s spending their time.

Review employee time reports, seeing how much time someone’s worked during a specific date range, as well as which projects they’ve billed time to … for quick insight into workers’ activities.

View key details about team members, such as when they’re online, which projects they can access, and what Departments they belong to … for convenience, you can even edit users’ access right in chat.

Obtain an individual’s earnings for a specific date range, as well as their hourly rate and maximum billable hours per week … to perform an instant analysis of team members’ earning info.

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Maximize Team Productivity With Teamly

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With Teamly, you can create unlimited Departments, so your communications are organized exactly how you want them. If you stop using a Department, simply archive it … you can access it again at any point in the future.

File attachments are securely stored in Teamly’s cloud.

No. Although some chat software periodically deletes older messages, Teamly never deletes your communications.

Your messages are safely stored in the cloud. Teamly keeps them 100% secure using 256-bit encryption and other advanced security features.