Give Your Business A Leg Up With A Virtual Assistant

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Give Your Business A Leg Up With A Virtual Assistant
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Give Your Business A Leg Up With A Virtual Assistant

Sometimes the most challenging part of running a business is allowing others to take some of your load off. It’s not just control freaks who feel they have to do it themselves if they want the job done right. Many of us try to do it all because we think it’s easier than training someone else. However, letting go and offloading tasks allows us to focus on what we’re truly good at. Not only does this help avoid burn out, but it makes us better at what we do and facilitates our business growth.

If you want to focus on growing your business or are even at the stage where you really need support, hiring a virtual assistant could be your next secret weapon. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who can provide a wide range of services to clients, operating outside of the client’s office.

Virtual assistants are great because they don’t need to occupy space in your office and are usually less of a financial commitment than a full-time employee. You can hire them for precisely the amount of hours you need them for and have the flexibility to adjust this based on the needs of your business.

Wondering how exactly a virtual assistant can make your life easier? Here are 10 services that you can use them for:

1. Administrative Work

Does anybody really enjoy doing admin work? Admin tasks such as filing, data entry, and scheduling are of course important, but can be a massive time drain, cutting into the time you have for more interesting tasks. Fortunately, since much of these tasks are straightforward, a virtual assistant can take the load off. Even if admin work is your jam, the ‘as needed’ work structure of a VA means that if your workload increases, you can always have the option of offloading admin work. Have a think about how offloading some of the admin work you do could give you more time to focus on growing your business.

Social Media Management

2. Social Media Management

Many businesses need to harness the power of social media these days. And yet, it’s an area that many business owners don’t have the time (or patience) for. Since hiring a dedicated social media manager or marketer isn’t always in the budget, a virtual assistant can help. On an as-needed basis, a VA can create content calendars, interact with the community, manage posts, and fulfil many of the duties of a social media team, without breaking the budget.

3. Bookkeeping

One of the most essential elements of running a business, but also one of the most tedious (particularly for us creatives), is bookkeeping. If the thought of invoices, bills, and keeping track of finances makes you just want to get back in bed, a virtual assistant can help. Some tasks a virtual assistant can take over are generating invoices and following up, issuing refunds, preparing balance sheets, helping you prepare your tax statements, and paying bills and wages. If you have tears of boredom in your eyes after just reading that list, get in touch with a virtual assistant who can help.

4. Customer Service

Sometimes when we’ve grown a business ourselves from scratch, interacting with our customers personally means a lot. They’ve helped us get where we are today, and we want to make sure we’re continuing to develop those relationships. But needing someone to take this on for you is a great sign that you’ve grown. And in order to do what you do best and ultimately keep making those special customers happy, you need to have someone take care of the day-to-day customer service tasks. This can include answering emails, phone calls, live chat, and social media messages. And there are still many ways you can make your customers or clients feel the personal touch; you could send a gift during the holidays, handwritten notes with big orders, or host events.Creative Writing

5. Creative Writing

As a business owner, it’s hard to ignore the power of creative writing content such as blogs, ebooks, courses, etc. Whether you want to appear higher on a search engine search or find new and exciting ways to generate leads, creative writing can be the key. Virtual assistants can help by writing blog posts, writing ebooks, newsletters, email funnels, social media post captions, email marketing, product descriptions, brochures, and packaging.

6. Research

Another interesting way a virtual assistant can help you take your business to the next level is through research. The research that a virtual assistant can help you with varies greatly. It could be hashtag research for your social media, speaking opportunities, market research, or even creating a SWOT analysis. Research is important but time-consuming, so consider outsourcing this aspect of your work to improve productivity and streamline business growth.Graphic design

7.  Graphic design

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create excellent graphics nowadays, with platforms like Canva offering services that make it easy to learn and execute. A virtual assistant can help you with several simple graphic design tasks, such as photo editing, creating content for social media, or creating a brand style guideline.

8. Tech

Not a tech guru? Or just don’t have the time for it? A virtual assistant is a great option to help you with all of your tech needs. You can have them format your blog posts, edit your videos or podcasts, troubleshooting, or even create reports on your analytics.

9. Recruiting

Hiring is tiring. So get someone else to do it for you! If they understand your vision for your business, a virtual assistant will significantly assist with the recruitment process. You can brief them on what you need, get them to upload the job advertisement to various sites, filter through applicants, set up interviews, and so on. Not comfortable with outsourcing the entire recruitment process? Even just having a VA do the leg-work and leaving the interviewing up to you will streamline your work day massively.

10. Project management

While a project manager can play a pretty massive role in itself, a virtual assistant can be of great help in this area. They can help outline project scopes, create and manage timelines, create contingency plans, and schedule meeting and tasks. This will help your business and projects run super efficiently. Use Teamly to empower your virtual assistant to finish projects faster and efficiently.

You should have a pretty good idea of how hiring a virtual assistant can help your business grow. And remember, these are just a starting point! Some virtual assistants specialize further and could be familiar with the ins and outs of your industry.

So how should you find the best virtual assistant that will make your life easier? You want to take the necessary steps to make sure that you find the right fit. A few things you’ll want to think about before you start your search are:

  • What your goals are. Do you want someone who can bring a new fresh perspective on something you’re not as well-versed in? Do you want someone who can lighten your load in general? The answers to these questions can determine the qualities and skill level your future virtual assistant should have.
  • Your budget. Virtual assistants can range in price. If you need someone who goes above and beyond, you might want to evaluate what you can afford.
  • What a good personality fit looks like. Chances are, you want this to be a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship. You’ll want to make sure that you get a good vibe from the virtual assistant and that they seem like a good fit for your team.

You can go down a few different avenues to find the right virtual assistant. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to easily find experienced virtual assistants from all over the world that meet any budget or other requirements. Another great way is to ask your network for a referral. Prepare some thoughtful questions to ask the potential candidates to give you insight into their experience, personality, and skill set.

Tasks a virtual assistant can do


Got a lot of pain points in your business that you want help solving? Just want to lean into the growth you’re already experiencing and accelerate? It could be time to get yourself your very own virtual assistant. Focus on what you’re great at and leave the rest up to a virtual assistant. Who knows how your business will take off when you have the time to put all of your eggs in the right basket!

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