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The Remote Teams Meeting Template is designed to help teams stay organized and productive during meetings while working remotely. This template provides a framework for creating agendas, assigning action items, and tracking progress on tasks.

  • Team Member
  • Manager

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Create an agenda for your meetings.
  • Assign action items to team members.
  • Track progress on action items.
How to Use:
  • Prior to the meeting, the Manager enters each discussion topic into a new Task in the Agenda column, then shares the board with the team.

  • The Manager creates a column for the meeting, making the column name the meeting date. For instance, if the meeting is to take place on 3/15, the Manager creates a new column titled Mar 15.

  • Once an item on the Agenda is discussed, the Manager moves the corresponding Task from the Agenda column to the meeting date column.

  • In the Action column, the Manager creates new Tasks for any action items that come out of the meeting, then assigns those Tasks to Team Members.

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