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The Marketing Launch Strategy Template helps teams plan and executive a marketing strategy for a product or brand launch. It can also be used to launch new marketing campaigns.

  • Marketing
  • Content Creator
  • Design

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Plan and prepare for a new product launch, so everyone on the team knows who’s doing what and where work is in the pipeline.
  • Develop a successful launch strategy for introducing your brand to the public.
  • Plan a marketing campaign that makes use of new marketing channels or is aimed at achieving new marketing objectives.
How to Use:
  • Add any important launch details to the Useful Launch Info column.

  • Enter each marketing launch task into the To Do column, add a due date, and assign it to a Content Creator.

  • When work begins, the Content Creator moves the Task to the Content column.

  • Once the writing is finished, the Content Creator moves the Task to the Graphics column IF Design needs to create images or other related graphics for the Task.

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