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The Email Marketing Campaign Template keeps marketers organized by helping them track and manage every aspect of creating a new email marketing campaign, from setting the campaign goals to summarizing the results of the campaign.

  • Marketing

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Manage the tasks associated with creating an email marketing campaign.
  • Track which stage of completion tasks are in (e.g., outsourced, in progress, complete).
  • Plan for a successful email marketing campaign.
How to Use:
  • Marketing adds each campaign Task to the appropriate column:

    PLANNING - Use this column for Tasks that need to be completed before the campaign can be created, such as defining the target audience, setting campaign goals, and creating a campaign calendar.

    CONTENT CREATION - Put any Tasks related to creating the actual content for your emails in this column, such as writing email copy, gathering assets for the emails, and reviewing/approving email content.

    DESIGN - Enter any Tasks related to designing the emails for the campaign into this column.

    ANALYSIS - Put any Tasks related to analyzing the campaign results into this column, such as tracking campaign performance, analyzing the data, and summarizing the results.

  • Marketing assigns Tasks to the appropriate Team Members and optionally enters due dates.

  • Assignees work on Tasks in the first column, then the second column and so on, moving along the board from left to right.

  • When work begins on a Task, the Assignee labels that Task as “In Progress.”

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