Image Represents Editorial Calendar Template
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The Editorial Calendar Template keeps content creation teams organized by helping them plan, track, and manage their publishing schedule.

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creator

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Organize your planned content around a monthly theme.
  • Assign content deliverables to content creators.
  • Track where content is in the publication pipeline.
How to Use:
  • At the beginning of the month, Content Strategy creates a new Task identifying the month’s theme in the Notes column.

  • If there are any subthemes, Content Strategy creates new Tasks identifying those subthemes in the corresponding column (e.g., WEEK 1, WEEK 2).

  • Content Strategy creates new Tasks for content deliverables and adds them to the appropriate week of the month: WEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3, or WEEK 4.

  • When a Content Creator begins work on a Task, they assign it to themself and label it as “In Process.”

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