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The IT Support Ticket Tracking Template helps IT teams prioritize, track, and manage their support tickets.

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  • Manager

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Manage support tickets and maintenance requests.
  • Organize and prioritize support tickets.
  • Resolve support tickets efficiently.
How to Use:
  • Manager creates a new Task in the Open column for each support ticket. In the Task, the Manager includes a description of the issue and the date the ticket was opened.

  • The Manager adds a priority label to the Task (e.g., low, medium, or high), as well as a label indicating the type of issue: hardware, software, server, network, website, or new employee.

  • IT specialists select Tasks related to their specialty from the Open column, assign them to themselves, then move those Tasks to the Assigned column.

  • IT specialists choose the highest-priority Task from the Assigned column, then move it to the In Progress column, and begin work on it.

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