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The IT Requests Template is a tool that helps teams organize and manage their IT requests. It provides a structured approach to planning and tracking IT requests, so IT teams manage their work efficiently.

  • Project Manager
  • IT
  • QA

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Help users document and track IT requests.
  • Provide a clear and structured workflow for IT requests.
  • Enable users to track progress on each step of the request process.
  • Secure consistency and accuracy across all IT requests.
How to Use:
  • The Project Manager creates a new Task for each IT request in the Request column.

  • The Project Manager selects the highest-priority Task, moves it to the Planning column, and performs any planning-related Tasks, such as assessing the request’s scope, identifying specifications, and establishing goals.

  • When planning is complete, the Project Manager moves the Task to the Development column.

  • The appropriate IT specialist assigns the Task to themself, enters a due date, then starts work on the request.

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