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The Design Project Template gives your team a simple but effective way to manage projects.

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Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • See what your team is working on.
  • Prioritize and assign tasks.
  • See the Tasks that are on hold.
  • Track all work that’s been completed.
How to Use:
  • Add a new Task in the Upcoming column for any upcoming projects the team has.

  • When the team is ready to tackle the project, drag the Task to the Working column. Then, assign the Task to the appropriate team member(s), add a due date, and enter any additional information into the Task.

  • If a project is on hold, meaning the team is waiting on action from another team or it’s not a priority your team should be working on at this time, move the Task to the Holding column.

    • If team action is needed on a Task from the Holding column, move it to the Working column.
    • If the project has been closed and the Task is no longer needed, move it to the Completed column.
  • When your team has completed a Task, move it to the Completed column.

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