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The eCourse Launch Template keeps course creators organized by helping them track and manage every aspect of creating a new eCourse, from planning the course structure to performing post-Launch activities.

  • eCourse Creator

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Manage all of the tasks associated with creating a new eCourse.
  • Track which stage of completion tasks are in (i.e., not started, outsourced, in process, done).
  • Plan for a successful eCourse launch.
How to Use:
  • eCourse Creator adds each course-related Task to the appropriate column:

    PLANNING - Use this column for Tasks that need to be completed before the course can be created, such as choosing a course topic, validating your course idea, and selecting a course platform.

    CREATING - Put any Tasks related to creating the actual content for your course in this column, such as writing the course lessons, creating PowerPoint slides, or filming the course videos.

    BRANDING - Use the Branding column for any branding-related Tasks, such as choosing a color palette for your course or creating a course logo.

    SELLING - Enter any Tasks related to designing and creating a sales funnel for your course into this column.

    LAUNCHING - Put any Tasks related to promoting the course into this column, for instance like: partnering with influencers, scheduling media appearances, or creating social media announcements.

    POST-LAUNCH - Include any post-Launch Tasks here, such as responding to student questions or creating a Facebook group for students.

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