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This Design Review Template manages the team’s process for peer-reviewed designs.

  • Designer
  • Design Team

Sample Uses

Use this template to:

  • Optimize your designs using a collaborative process.
  • Provide critical feedback on team members’ designs.
  • Create a peer-review process for your design team.
How to Use:
  • Designer creates a new Task in the Design Concept column, providing a link to the design and any relevant background information, such as an explanation of the project, who its intended audience is, and what the project’s goals are.

  • The Design Team reviews the design. Then, each team member creates a new Task indicating what they like about the design in the Pros column.

  • Likewise, Design Team members create new Tasks in the Cons column to identify any drawbacks of the design.

  • If the Design Team has questions about the design OR suggestions for improving it, members enter their concerns as new Tasks in the Questions or Suggestions columns, respectively.

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