Articles by Rachel Chaiet

How can a virtual assistant help your business


Give Your Business A Leg Up With A Virtual Assistant

Sometimes the most challenging part of running a business is allowing others to take some of your load off. It’s not just control freaks who feel they have to do it themselves if they want the job done right. Many of us try to do it all because we...

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Ways to create a culture of innovation


Establish Innovation In Your Company’s Culture With These 7 Tips

Any business that wants to stay ahead of the game needs a competitive advantage. And in order to keep themselves on top, they need to be innovative. However, consistently delivering products, services, and processes that stand out from the competition is...

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Open Communication at Work


Open Communication At Work – Why We Need It And How To Improve It

Communication is really at the center of the workplace. It guides our relationships with our colleagues, the work that we do and ultimately molds our careers. While communication in the workplace might be inevitable, a difference remains between good,...

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Zero float in project management

Project Management

A Run-Down On Zero Float In Project Management, Plus Tips On How To Manage It

We’ve all managed a project at one point or another. Whether it’s planning a party or leading a large project at work, it’s important to understand the tasks that lead to the desired outcomes. One of the first steps many Project Managers will do is...

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Motivation and Time Management

Time Management

Staying On Target: How Time-Management Fuels Motivation, and Vice Versa

The relationship between motivation and time management is an interesting one. Being super motivated is great, but if you haven’t effectively managed your time, all that motivation will be wasted, as you get bogged down with inefficiency. Excellent...

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Management Through History


Management Through History: How We Got Here, And Where We’re Going

Times have changed in the world of management. And definitely for the better! Better for employees, better for managers, and better for the organization. And as it’s still evolving, the future is looking pretty bright. Rita Gunther McGrath describes...

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Team Building Activities

Remote Work

10 Virtual Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Actually Want To Do

Team building exercises are kind of a staple in the workplace. If you’ve held a job, it’s more than likely you’ve taken part in ice breaker questions or a team lunch at one point or another. As it turns out, there is a right way and a wrong way to...

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Employee Onboarding


Welcome Aboard! How to Set Up New Employees For Success.

Picture this – you show up for your first day at a brand new job to find a locked door and no one waiting to meet you. You weren’t given any instructions and aren’t sure who to call. You can feel what was once excitement quickly turn to nerves....

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Healthy Workspace


Want a Healthier Workplace? Begin With Gratitude

Gratitude is having a moment. Practicing it is a topic of conversation everywhere, and you wouldn’t be wrong to believe that the attention is deserved. A principle of self-care, practicing gratitude involves taking the time to notice and reflect upon...

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Employee Self-Evaluations


Everything You Need To Know About Employee Self-Evaluations

Ah, the performance review. A classic Human Resources pillar that has some of us roll our eyes and others filled with excitement. Possibly the most confronting part of the performance review is the self-evaluation. It’s a task where an employee answers...

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